DJ Mustard Discusses Smash Single

DJ MustardDJ Mustard Hit Track discusses his hit track and explains ratchet music.

California producer DJ Mustard gained significant notoriety for crafting the smash single “Rack City” for Tyga. In a recent interview with, Mustard reveals that the track was originally intended for YG.

“I mean that record came about so quick,” explained the producer. “I was doing a beat for YG, and he was like, ‘Tyga just hit me up; he said send him some beats.’ I’m like, ‘I don’t know what to send him.’ He like, ‘Send him that.’ I was like, ‘You sure?’ He was like, ‘Yeah, send it.’ So, I sent it to him on like a Tuesday or a Wednesday and like on Thursday it was out. It just blew up.”

Mustard spoke highly of YG, explaining, “YG is the type of person that, if you’re his friend, he gon’ help. He’s not like a hater or nothin’ like that like and be like, ‘Hey. Nah, don’t give this to him.’ You know what I’m saying? He wasn’t thinking like, ‘Oh, this is gon’ be the last record he’s gon’ ever do.’ We both didn’t think it was going to be as big as it is. It was like a good look.”

DJ Mustard also explained the meaning of the term “ratchet music.” “It’s basically like club music. It’s like really not being afraid to just have a good time. Like, the smartest girls, college girls, every race.”

“Anybody can be ratchet. It’s just a certain type of music that brings the ratchetness out of you. Like that 808 and that snap, it just brings ratchet out of you, so it’s just like we just started calling it ratchet music.”

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