50 Cent Says Bulletproof SUV Saved Him

50 Cent provides details on his car accident last week, when a Mack truck hit his bulletproof SUV. He says if he’d been a regular car, it would have flipped over.

50 Cent - Bulletproof Saved My Life50 Cent was involved in a car accident in New York last week, when his SUV was hit by a Mack truck. He was rushed to the hospital on a stretcher, but we haven’t heard much from him since, besides a rep saying he’s “fine.”

Now 50 talks to MTV about the accident, and gives details on what happened. “We spun off into the rail. We would’ve flipped if it was a regular truck, but the truck weighs over a ton because it has additional stuff in it”, 50 revealed. 

“We were just riding down the LIE and a Mack Truck — he said he lost control of the vehicle later to police officers because his load shifted”, 50 explained. “He tried to brake, his load shifted, and he lost control and he ran into the back of the truck. It did more damage to the Mack Truck than it did to my truck, ’cause I got a level six; it’s a bulletproof vehicle. It’s the same standard as what they’re moving Obama around in”.

There are many who say the accident was a publicity stunt to get a buzz for 50’s upcoming album, Five (Murder By Numbers). 50 says, “Trust me, I have enough money to not hit myself with a Mack Truck to try to get a few dollars”. “What’s the thought process on this? It makes no sense to me.”


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  1. who is he tryn to fool….all 2 promote his new album

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