Canibus Releases Official Apology

Yesterday we got what was reported to be a fake apology from Canibus, and now Canibus takes to his Facebook to talk about the fake apology and explain his shoulder injury.

Canibus ExplanationCanibus has now released an official apology concerning his rap battle with Dizaster, as he says the lengthy and strange apology on his Tumblr was not written by him. He also explains his shoulder injury, for which he just got stitches out.

On his Facebook page Canibus writes, 

Canibus HERE,

Just got my stitches out. Will be going to therapy once a week for my AC injury. First time I’ve had a separated shoulder but I am expecting a full recovery in time. Also continuing work on the Rip The Jacker 2 DVD. Will continue to keep you all updated as things happen. Don’t really know what to say concerning all these blogs, parodies, and fake accounts posting apologies about god knows what but I am moving forward for my Rippers and Hip Hop as best as I can. Thank You for your good wishes and encouragement. Sometimes people need laughter and entertainment at the expense of others embarrassment but Hip Hop means so much to me I don’t care. Diz is the champ. Please be kind to one another and don’t forget we are all family in this Hip Hop Community whether we know it or not.


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