Jay Electronica Accused of Breaking Up Billionaire Heiress’ Marriage

by Danielle Canada

While his AmericaJayn fans continue to wait for his debut album, Jay Electronica has become the latest rapper involved in an international scandal. Electronica is being called out by Ben Goldsmith, the husband of Kate Goldsmith, claiming that Electronica’s been having an illicit affair with his Rothschild heiress wife. According to a report by the U.K. Daily Mail, the rapper who’s been living in London, has been sleeping with Goldsmith’s wife who he’s become close to through her Roundtable Records label. “I’m pretty shell-shocked by everything. All I am thinking about now is my children,” said the scorned husband who found sexually explicit text messages from Electronica in his spouse’s phone.

After the heiress reportedly confessed to the affair last week, the Daily Mail reports that her husband slapped her across the face and kicked one of their three children’s toys her way. Police were later called to the scene.

While Electronica has yet to speak on the story directly, the rapper ‘s been pictured with both Kate and Ben and even recently tweeted a picture of his alleged lover with the caption, “KateRoundtable, at the Watch The Helicopter tour.” He later wroJayte on the network “#LoveIsOnTheWay.”

Kate has since issued a statement accusing her estranged husband of trying to deflect from the couple’s recent volatile altercation.

“Articles in today’s media contain false and inaccurate information which appears to have been given to the media in a deliberate attempt to damage Kate and her businesses as well as to deflect from the gravity of last week’s incident involving the police,” said a statement.  ”Kate is devastated, she has had a very frightening time since she and her husband initially split five months ago, and this is just another sad development. Her main concern now is for her children who will remain with her at the family home.”

Along with being known for his tracks “Exhibit A” and “Exhibit C” the precursors to his Act II: Patients Of Nobility album, Electronica’s also well known for being one of three men to father a child with singer Erykah Badu. The musical exes who remain friends, had a daughter in 2009 named Mars and gave many fans hope that they would reconcile particularly after the rapper went on a drunken Twitter rampage and rambled on about his love for the songstress.

Jay & Ben
Electronica and Ben Goldsmith
And although Erykah’s yet to make a formal statement on the drama surrounding Electronica, shortly after the story broke she tweeted to him saying, “Pimps Up.”

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