Machine Gun Kelly Sued For Cutting Open Security Guard’s Finger

Machine Gun Kelly is being sued for cutting open a bouncer’s finger during an altercation that occurred in Florida this past January.

MGK SuedMachine Gun Kelly allegedly threw a bottle at a bouncer which resulted in his finger being cut open. Now the bouncer’s suing the rapper.

TMZ reports that the security guard by the name of William Long filed the lawsuit in Florida. MGK supposedly used a liquor bottle as a weapon during a bar brawl, and sliced Long’s finger open back in January.

Long’s lawyers are saying that MGK nearly sliced off his finger completely with the bottle. We reported about the brawl in January, when Kelly had spent the night in a Florida jail. He later tweeted about it: “Just spent my entire night in a fucking Florida jail…shit escalated way to quick last night, it always does with us though.”

The suit claims that Long was hospitalized for eight days following the fight, and he required two separate surgeries.

Long is suing for unspecified damages, in excess of $15,000.

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