Two Club-Goers To Sue Following Chris Brown & Drake Fight At Nightclub

The nightclub where the now infamous Chris Brown and Drake incident took place has been shut down, and two women who were present at the club reveal they have plans to sue anyone involved.

Club-goers who were involved in the Chris Brown-Drake altercation at W.i.P. Nightclub plan to sue.

Reports say that two women who were victims of the fight have plans to sue. One woman is 24-year-old Lucy Pavlovsky who was at the club with rapper Fabolous the night of the incident. Pavlovsky said she initially thought she’d been shot when she saw the amount of blood gushing from her arm. The gash on her arm required 12 stitches to close.

“My plan is to sue anybody who threw a bottle, anybody who created that dangerous atmosphere,” Pavlovsky’s lawyer, Javier Solano told The New York Daily News. “It was like a war zone,” Solano said. “You had guys there 300 pounds, 6-foot-5, throwing these bottles as hard as they can.”

In addition to Pavlovsky, a model by the name of Ingrid Gutierrez [pictured below] also revealed she has plans to sue anybody involved in the incident. Her lawyer said, “A lawsuit will be filed against the club and every person who threw bottles and class, injuring my client.”

Ingrid Guiterrez

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