Waka Flocka Addresses Criticism

In a recent interview Waka Flocka explains how he deals with criticism of his lyrics.

Waka FlockaWaka Flocka released his album Triple F Life: Friends, Fans & Family this past week. He delivered the energy he’s known for, but he was still criticized for his lyrics, or lack-there-of.

The Brick Squad rapper addressed this criticism in a recent interview with FADER.

He explains what he means when he says “Waka can’t rap,” saying, “I’m being sarcastic. People say, “You don’t have lyrics,” so I’m just like, “Lord knows Waka can’t rap.” Throw it in their faces. I really don’t have an answer for them. I’m doing Waka’s music. My music is different. It don’t sound like a typical rapper’s music.”

On if he feels like an outcast in the rap community, Waka says “No, I feel like I’m a part of hip-hop. I make good music. As a man and as an artist I’m developing. The old “O Let’s Do It” Waka, he didn’t have any remorse. I still have no remorse but I give a fuck now. Before I could get on stage, rap, and not give a shit, period. I’d pull up to the club in a taxi, jump out by myself, go in and perform at a bar stand. I was throwing bows, pushing. Little kid wild, like a freshman in college.”

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