40 Glocc Talks About Fight With Game

40 Glocc

The internet has been abuzz after Game posted video footage recorded on his iPhone of the fight he had with 40 Glocc.  The G-Unit affiliate rapper says in an interview with VladTV that he was jumped by Game and his boys who had pulled out guns on him, “you got a problem with me let’s get it in, don’t pull burners on me and chase me with pistols”.  He then adds with a laugh, “pistols pulled”…

In the interview he says that the footage caught was the end of the fight after they had jumped him using guns.  40 Glocc did not fight back because he didn’t want to get shot, “if I hit this nigga back, one of these niggas…somebody liable to pull something…you don’t got a gun and they got some, you better run”, adding “I’m still breathing”.  40 does not intend on taking legal action, “me, I don’t give a fuck; I ain’t pressin’ no charges…that shit ain’t nothin’ “.

40 Glocc then makes reference to another time when Game was in a fight and he was “knocked out…shivering and shit”.  He says that the two were at the same pool party and Game waited till he left and then jumped him, “I posted up for awhile…when I was walking down the hill…these niggas got guns…I had to high-tail it, couldn’t get to a pistol if I wanted to”. 

Throughout the interview 40 Glocc takes several jabs at Game, and near the end adds “thank God that the nigga didn’t have a tadbit of me in him…cause I woulda been dead right now”. 

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