50 Cent Discusses Current State Of G-Unit

50 Cent discusses the current state of G-Unit, and mentions that Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks need their own managers.

G-UnitThe core group of G-Unit, 50 Cent, Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks might not be as strong as it once was.  In an interview with Big Boy, the G-Unit front man discussed his current relationship with Yayo and Banks, and how he is tired of “managing” their careers.  “People have habits they refuse to change…I’ve enabled them to a point that they don’t feel like they have to do anything”, Fif added that he’s been pulling more than his own weight, “[I] end up doing their job too…they don’t have managers”.  

50 seemed light hearted about the topic, and just feels it’s time for the other members of G-Unit to grow up and take responsibility for their own careers, “Ya’ had to do a lot more…he just doesn’t do what he’s supposed to do”. Big Boy asked 50 Cent point blank if the G-Unit days were over, and he responded, “I don’t think it’s actually over, they just need to get themselves together”.  

Speaking on the two G-Unit members, 50 said they had changed.  Tony Yayo’s prison stint had changed him when he got out “Ya’ came back from jail, he was different…his energy was different”, and Lloyd Banks had maybe let the fame get to his head, “you see Banks turn into Playboy Banks…get outta here, you had no girls before that”.  

Look for the three to continue to work together once Yayo and Banks turn things around, as 50 Cent still sees himself as a big brother to the rappers, “to me they the same…[like] my little brother”.

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