50 Cent Talks About Collaborations, Beef, And His Car Crash

50 Cent's New Album50 Cent called into Shade 45 for a birthday interview and talked about his recent car crash, upcoming collaborations, and the Chris Brown and Drake beef.

Riding the high of his birthday and the release of his new mixtape, 50 Cent, was in rare form cracking jokes when he called into Shade 45 where he talked about his album, and who you can expect to see him collaborative with in the coming months. 

Similar to a tweet from a few days ago Fif said his latest mixtape “5 (Murder By Numbers)” was “a birthday present to myself”.  He also talked about the high quality of the record which surpasses the usual mixtape fare “technically it’s an actual album…it’s up to standards…it don’t have the traditional me talkin all over it”. 

Throughout the twenty minute interview Fifty was in high spirits and continued to crack jokes.  When asked about his recent car accident and near brush with death he said “I know I ain’t gonna die like that anyway…it’s actually more dangerous to get in your car and go to the store…than have beef”. 

The G-Unit foreman talked about his relationship with boxer Floyd Mayweather, and how he went to see him in jail recently.  Fifty also talked about the “beef” with Oprah and how after she did not reach out to put him on her show he decided that she was one of the biggest names in entertainment and if she was not recognizing him as a friend, maybe she would as an enemy, “if I can’t be friends, at least me enemies…my fans are gonna say ‘he don’t wanna go there [on Oprah’s talk show]’”. 

Collaborations were mentioned, both upcoming, and just passed.  He talked about Wiz Khalifa, “he just reached out…I think alotta artists, they don’t’ know they can”, and mentioned Flo Rida “I wanna find something that we can get back together”.  50 Even mentioned the possibility of working with Young Jeezy in the near future.

Schoolboy Q, a feature on his latest tape, was mentioned as well “I met him, I was working with Dre [and] Kendrick [Lamar]…and we got a chance to vibe.  I told him, I said, we can get together on something.  I like the Boy…I like his style, period”.

His relationship with Shady Records mogul, Eminem, was discussed, and Fif talked about how close the two are “if I’m sick, or in the hospital, I get a phone call from Em…not necessarily from Dre, or Jimm, or any of them”. 

After this mixtape, 50 Cent has a studio album set for release titled Street King Immortal, and he confirmed that Dre’s production will be featured, “ya, he produced two joints…he’s the reason I have had the success I’ve had at this point…he gets me [played] in the club”. 

Additional collabos included the possibility of working with Kanye soon, and that 50 will be on Eminem’s next LP “probably the first or second single off the album”. 

Known for his beefs, 50 Cent was asked about the Chris Brown/Drake fiasco, and while the two R&B style artists may not be the most menacing characters, Fif said there could still be something serious as, “somebody knows somebody you can feel threatened by”.

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