Beanie Sigel Announces New Album, Reveals Cover Art

Beanie Sigel will be dropping a new project before he gets locked up for two years for tax evasion.

BeanieBeanie Sigel has announced his new album will drop before he heads to prison for two years. The album, titled This Time, will be released on August 28th through the newly re-launched Ruffhouse Records.

CEO of Ruffhouse, Chris Schwartz, says of Beanie Sigel’s album:

“We’re extremely proud to be re-launching Ruffhouse Records with Beanie Sigel as our first artist. His sentencing today doesn’t change any of that in the least. Regardless of this unfortunate situation, Beanie has created a tremendous body of work that is totally worthy of the Ruffhouse name. It’s almost ironic that the sentencing is happening on the eve of this record, because this record is about introspection and redemption. Beanie is truly one of the great lyricists in the hip-hop game. He stands tall among all the major MCs and he’s revered by all hip-hop aficionados around the world. I’m basically following the same criteria as the previous Ruffhouse Records for the artists we represent. We’re working with self-established marquee artists, and Beanie is the perfect fit”.

Sigel’s first single off the album, “The Reunion” is set to hit the internet next week.

The artwork has also just dropped for This Time, check it out below.


Beanie Sigel

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