Feds Going After Swizz Beatz In Megaupload Case

Swizz Beatz - Feds Go AfterSwizz Beatz is being targeted as part of the Megaupload case, because feds are looking for a way to prosecute Megaupload in the States.

It looks like Swizz Beatz may be more involved in the Megaupload case more than he’d like. Although he was listed as CEO on Megaupload’s website the day it was taken down, his attorney had said he was never actually in charge.

Now prosecutors in the US are looking for a way to federally indict Megaupload, however, the company says they cannot be prosecuted in the US because they are a foreign corporation with no offices or agents on US territory. However, US Attorney Neil MacBride says this isn’t true. In a filing submitted earlier this week, MacBride says Megaupload has at least two CEOs in America, David Robb and Swizz Beatz. Both men represented the company in person at Office of the United States Trade Representative, the filing says.

The filing from last week notes that Swizz Beatz has refused to cooperate with the government’s investigation of Megaupload, but if he’s served, he’ll have no choice in becoming a part of the case.

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