Lupe Fiasco Claims “97% Of Hip Hop Is Terrible”

Lupe Fiasco Gives His Opinion On Birthday SongLupe Fiasco continued his media barrage in preparation for his upcoming album.  He was on the Breakfast Club where he diced it up on his label situation, and even tackled the state of today’s hip hop. 

When talking about his relationship with current major label, Atlantic , the Chi-town rapper said, “[W]e’re coming toward the end of our relationship so it’s like a going away party.”  Lupe says he’ll look to release future material on an independent label “[A]fter this album, I got one left. So, it’s all good for now. They give me my room. I’m definitely not going back into the majors. I’m definitely going indie when we’re done.”

This album is more of a pure hip hop album and he plans to release up to six singles.  “This is more like a core Hip Hop joint so we have room to throw six records out,” the Food & Liquor emcee said.

While saying that he likes artists such Slaughterhouse and Drake, Lupe was clear that he thinks most of today’s hip hop is not up to his standards. Early Jay-Z is up here. So, for me, lyrically it’s a different kind of conversation. But, I guess if it’s just technically rapping, making words rhyme, metaphor here, metaphor here, it’s cool. For me, technically it’s good, beats are good, everything is good, it’s fresh. But to me, the substance is just terrible,” and adding, “97% of hip hop is terrible.” 

Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album, Part 1 is slated for a September 25th release date, and check out the single “Bitch Bad” off the album.

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