Philadelphia Pastor Asks For Ban On Meek Mill’s “Amen” Meek Responds

A Pastor from Meek Mill’s hometown of Philadelphia is upset with Meek’s use of “Amen” in his song of the same name.

Meek Mill AmenMeek Mill‘s stand-out single off his mixtape Dreamchasers 2, “Amen,” which features Jeremih & Drake, has been shunned by a Philadelphia Pastor named Jomo K. Johnson. The Pastor has been asking for a ban on radio play of “Amen.”

Johnson is upset with Meek’s use of the word “Amen” in his record, and he is even writing a book condemning Meek Mill and accusing him of blasphemy. The two got into a heated debate while on air on Philly’s Hot 107.9, and didn’t resolve anything.

During the on-air exchange, Meek says he thinks Pastor is just looking for fame and if he’d gone about it in a different way, Meek would have offered money to the church. 

“From my understanding and my look at it, it’s looking like you’re trying to get famous or you need some attention because you could’ve came to me and you could’ve said anything you wanted to say and I might’ve helped you,” he said. “If you wanted me to send money for your church, I might’ve would’ve gave you that money, or I might’ve would’ve even remixed the song…you went about it and you went like you’re looking for attention and fame, that’s the way it’s lookin’ to me.”

“I’m out here feeding my family, for you to talk about you want to ban me? I took thirty drug dealers off the street…where was you at?”

You can listen to Meek and Johnson argue over “Amen” at DDotOmen.

Johnson released a ‘diss’ track of sorts towards Meek, called “No Amen.” You can listen to it below…

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