Rick Ross Explains Origins Of “3 Kings” Collaboration

Rick Ross 3 KingsRicky Rozay is in full grind mode to promote his upcoming album “God Forgives, I Don’t” hitting stores July 31st. In his most recent interview, he explains how he linked up with Dr. Dre & Jay-Z on “3 Kings”.

Rick Ross delivered what is the most anticipated track off God Forgives, I Don’t (besides for “Sixteen” with Andre 3000), “3 Kings” with two huge features from Dr. Dre & Jay-Z.

While doing the promotional rounds for his album, Rozay spoke to Funkmaster Flex about how “3 Kings” came together. It turns out Ross linked up with Dre through a mutual friend.

“I actually spoke with D.O.C. from the West Coast and D.O.C. told me Dre was a huge fan,” Rozay said. “I’ve been a fan of big homie’s and I had been expressing that openly for while.”

He continued to explain that he followed up with Dre on the phone, “I got on the phone with Dre, he kept his word, he came down to Miami. We got in the studio. When he walked into the studio for the first time, I was just so excited. We knocked out five songs that first night. We worked on his album as well, so you can expect some big records from us.” He added, “I feel we made some incredible music”.

“Homie gave me a lot of tips. That’s the big O.G. I really admire him,” Ross said of the legendary producer.

As for getting Hov on the record, Ross says that was no big deal, “When it comes to Jay, that’s my family. I respect dawg. I’m a soldier for life”.

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