Rick Ross Sued For $2 Million Over Cancelled Concert In Nigeria

Rick Ross SuedRick Ross, his sister and his manager are all listed as defendants in a recent lawsuit filed in New York, which claims Ross has failed to return a deposit of $87,500 after a cancelled performance.

Rick Ross is no stranger to lawsuits at this point in his career, and now he’s faced with another. This time it isn’t about his name though, it’s about a cancelled concert in Nigeria.

Rick Ross, his sister, Tawanda Roberts, and his manager Michael Lighty are all being sued for almost $2 million in damages by a UK promotional company over a cancelled concert in Nigeria from 2011.

The lawsuit was filed on July 3rd according to AllHipHop, in the Supreme Court of New York, by Zons P.R.

The annual event in Nigeria, called the Star Mega Jam, draws around 50,000 people, making it the biggest of its kind in West Africa. Rick Ross was set to headline the 2011 Star Mega Jam, taking place on December 17th.

The lawsuit claims that Zons P.R. began negotiating with Tawanda Robert, who also acts as Ross’ manager, on behalf of Ross. Zons P.R. then deposited $87,500 into Ross’ account, with the agreement that Ross would do certain tasks, such as promotional drops for the concert, leading up to the concert date, which he did not do.

The company also claims that Ross was asking questions about his safety in Nigeria, and ultimately cancelled on the event, claiming “the violent events in Nigeria” was the reason.

Ross was supposed to return the 87k to Zons P.R., however failed to do so. When the company realized their money was not being returned, they tried to arrange a different performance for Rick Ross in the future, but the MMG boss would not comply.

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