Rockie Fresh Explains Why He Chose MMG

Rockie Fresh - Why MMGChicago’s Rockie Fresh gives us the reason why he chose to sign with MMG when other labels were also hitting him up.

We have details about Rockie Fresh’s recent signing to Maybach Music Group, and if you wanted more information about how the deal came about, here it is.

Rockie Fresh spoke to Billboard’s The Juice about his new-found fame as the most recent addition to MMG. He explains he thought of Ricky Rozay as a big brother, and wasn’t actually expecting to be signed. He also reveals he’d been talking to Diddy‘s Bad Boy label at the same time.

“I just viewed [Ross] as a big brother, not as somebody who was gonna try to sign me… Then he got back to me later on that week letting me know that he was interested in going full-fledged with everything,” Rockie said. “I was in talks with Bad Boy and Diddy at the time, and that was a situation that I really looked deep in to because they definitely put in a lot of work to make me feel comfortable.”   

On the reason why he signed with MMG, the Chi-town native says: “Moreso outside the deal was why I signed with them. [Ross] had such a respect for my own sound and my own project that I had already put out. He wanted me to add my own type of flavor into something great that they already have. He’s not trying to have me make a certain type of record. He wants me to be the emotional Chicago artist that I am. So it works out smooth.” 

Rockie explains he now has a ton of new resources available to him. “Now I have the resources to actually make an incredible album. I have the features to pull in, the producers to pull in,” he said. “It’s gonna be something classic. I feel like I’m gonna become, in the next few years, one of the top rappers in the game. That’s the goal.”

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