Rocsi Diaz Escorted By Eddie Murphy To BET Bash, Shocks Debra Lee

by Jacky Jasper

Rocsi Diaz & Eddie lg

Check Mate Move?

HSK Exclusive – Talk of Rocsi Diaz soon-to-be canned from BET seems to have sparked the ’106 & Park’ host to make a winning chess move at this past weekend’s BET Awards party.

It seems Diaz wanted Debra Lee and the rest of the BET empire to check her mate. That’s why insiders say the 28-year-old BET personality showed up at the event with Eddie Murphy. Now, sources reveal Diaz wanted BET to recognize she’s equipped to bring A-listers to the table. Don’t believe me.. Ask Miguel Nunez.

Here’s the drop:

“Rocsi knows Debra wants to get rid of her, So what does Rocsi do? She takes Eddie Murphy to Debra Lee’s party to show Debra she can bring and A-list celebrity like Eddie Murphy to a BET gathering.

We all know Eddie Murphy would never attend a BET party, but Rocsi made it happen. Debra was shocked when she saw Rocsi on the arms of Eddie. Rocsi wanted to show Debra and the rest of the closet lesbians over at BET that she could make things happen with or without them.

Eddie showed up at Debra Lee’s party to support his new boo, Rocsi.”


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