Slaughterhouse Discusses Album Release Date And Possibility Of Teaming With Black Hippy

Slaughterhouse Release Date smSlaughterhouse discusses pushing their debut album on Shady Records back, and potentially teaming up with Black Hippy.

Lyrical supergroup, Slaughterhouse, spoke to Fuse about their Shady Record Debut welcome to: Our House being delayed to an August release date.

“Too many different reasons, too many different variables with how we control the music. I mean, it gets to be an issue between label and retail, but I’m always grateful for more time” said Joe Budden.

Budden said the extra time will help with the creativity in the album “”It gives you more time to be creative, more time to promote and think of more ways to raise the awareness out there…it’s a great thing for me…8/28 is the final date”.

Slaughterhouse also brought up teaming with a rap group on the serious rise, the Kendrick Lamar-helmed, Black Hippy – which features Lamar, Schoolboy Q, Jay Rock and Ab-Soul.  Budden said, “[I]t’s just a natural thing. Them standing for the things that they stand for, very similar to the things that we stand for.  Both being extremely lyrical supergroups…I’d like to try and make the inevitable happen. That’s a priority for us. I’m gonna make that happen”.

A teaming up of the two groups could actually be lyrical overload.  Hopefully there are projects in the future, as seeing Royce and Kendrick spit on the same track would be a dream for fans of the hardcore.  Look for welcome to: Our House August 28th.


Slaughterhouse Release Date

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