The Game Fights 40 Glocc – Records Video And Releases It

The Game got into an altercation with rapper 40 Glocc and he recorded it on his iPhone and has now created a website to post the video for all to see.

Game F.I.V.E. UpdateApparently the two rappers had beef stemming back which reportedly includes cross-gang rivalries as well.  The Game took the ‘beef game’ to a whole other level and fought 40 Glocc.  The impressive thing is that he recorded the fight on his iPhone in his one hand while hitting 40 with his other hand.  Afterwards he posted the video online and even created a website to host it “40 Glocc Got Knocked The Fuck Out” ( 

The two rappers took to twitter to give their account of the altercation.  40 Glocc insists Game had his boys there who were carrying guns so he was not fighting back.

See the fight video Game released here.




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