Audio Of Bangladesh Released, Confirms Dissing Swizz Beatz

Bangladesh Disses Swizz BeatzThe audio has been released for the interview with Bangladesh, when he called Swizz Beatz irrelevant.

Earlier this week producer Bangladesh made the news when he dissed Swizz Beatz and called him irrelevant while talking to XXL.

Swizz responded keeping the insults to a minimum, but did refer to Bangladesh as a “clown.” Bangladesh, however, took to Twitter to say that XXL had re-worked what he said somehow, or flipped the interview, and that he never actually called Swizz irrelevant.

Since then, the XXL writer involved, named Chanel Jasmin Clark, has released the audio of Bangladesh dissing Swizz, and spoke to Jack Thriller of ThisIs50 about the incident. Although she wasn’t planning too, she felt her journalistic integrity had been compromised when the “A Milli” producer tried to accuse XXL of flipping what he originally said.

The audio confirms that Bangladesh did indeed diss Swizz, although he attempted to deny it later.

Watch the interview with Chanel Clark below.

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