Beanie Sigel – Arrested For Drugs & Gun Possession

Beanie Sigel Arrested AgainBeanie Sigel can’t seem to stay out of trouble with the law, in his latest misadventures he was charged with having a firearm and drugs.

Things aren’t looking up for Beanie Sigel just yet.

The Philly rapper is set to go to prison in two weeks time on a charge of tax evasion, and just last night Sigel was arrested for drug and gun possession.

ABC reports that Sigel’s vehicle, which was driven by Gerald Andrews, was pulled over by the cops at a traffic stop on Interstate 95 in Delaware County. The cops searched both Sigel and Andrews. Andrews had marijuana and prescription pill bottles on him, while Sigel was found to have $4,650 in cash, as well as a bottle of codeine syrup and prescription pills. A firearm was also found in the center console of the car.

Sigel and Andrews, who are both convicted felons, are not allowed to carry a gun. The two were both charged with drugs and firearm possession, and were detained and transported to Pennsylvania State Police barracks in Media in order to be processed.

Check for his album This Time which is out now.

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