Beanie Sigel Reflects On Prison Sentence And Jay-Z

Beanie Sigel Sentenced To 2 Years Beanie Sigel reflects on his upcoming prison sentence, and says the time for his conversation with Jay-Z is long passed.

Looking at a two year prison sentence for tax evasion, Beanie Sigel had a sobering interview with XXL where he was reflective about his looming prison term, and even talked about his relationship with Jay-Z and how he realizes it was just business. Although he has an album that recently dropped, the rapper does not seem enthused about where his career has brought him.

Beans says behind bars everyone is equal, and he’s not different as he’ll just be a number (from HipHopDX) “When I go in there, I won’t be Beanie Sigel. I’ll be 57613-066. That’s who I’ll be. I won’t be Beanie Sigel. I’m not gonna sit in my cell and write rhymes everyday.”  The rapper continued saying that he’ll try to stay positive while in there knowing he’s only looking at two years, while some of his fellow inmates are not ever coming out.  The rapper said, “There’s people inside who ain’t ever coming out of those buildings. I would talk to them and do my best to be a window for some of ’em who are never gonna make it outta there. We all have the same commissary, we all have the same amount of money on our books, we all gonna eat the same food and nobody cell gonna look different. I’m gonna be a number like everybody else”.

Sigel also opened up about his relationship with Jay-Z, stating that their relationship deteriorated as Jigga continued to rise in social ranks, and as a result distanced himself from certain colleagues.  The Philly rapper says he sees now that it was always just business between them, “There’s no need for that conversation anymore [with Jay-Z]…it’s been too long.  That’s all I ever wanted. Jay-Z don’t owe me a dime.”  He added, “What me and Jay had or what I thought we had was a brothership that was beyond music and business. A brothership that I trusted and that I’d put my life in harm’s way for ‘this thing of ours, this La Familia.’ I thought it was bigger than music, I thought it was bigger than business, but as I got older and thought about it…that’s all it was, it was business”.

Continuing on, Beanie seemed almost resentful of his rap career, as he feels it may have caused more harm than good in his life, “I got in more trouble being Beanie Sigel than when I was just Mac”.

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