Chris Brown & Drake – Another Lawsuit From The Brawl

Chris Brown & Drake In The News AgainThe Chris Brown and Drake brawl is in the news again as another plaintiff has stepped forward with a lawsuit for being injured at W.i.P.

The brawl heard ’round the world.  Chris Brown and Drake‘s encounter is in the news again, and to the surprise of no one, another would-be plaintiff is claiming injuries.

A Brooklyn man is the latest to step forward and serve papers for injuries sustained during the bottle-throwing altercation. Howard Clement is suing the club where the fight took place, W.i.P., and claims he received laceration from shard glass hurled throughout and is now suffering from debilitating migraines, and is unable to sleep properly.

Previously, a couple “party-goers” filed a suit for injuries incurred, and an Entertainment Group is suing for a whopping $16 million, and even former NBA Finals 2008 MVP, Tony Parker, filed a suit for an injury to his eye which he felt could threaten his playing career.

The diss tracks have died down, but don’t expect this to be the last we hear about the Chris Brown and Drake scuffle.

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