DJ Khaled – Clears Up Eviction Rumors

DJ Khaled RumorsDJ Khaled says he has no problems paying his rent, and he’s not getting evicted any time soon.

News has recently been circulating the internet that DJ Khaled was being sued for back-rent over his Miami apartment, and in a recent interview with Hot 97, Khaled addresses the eviction rumors and says that’s all they are– rumors.

He supposedly owes $66,000 to the place, which he says is misinformation.”Nah, that’s just people missing me. They miss me. I apologize,” he said. “We ended up moving into something different, something with an elevator and a few stories. They’re trying to say I owe $55,000 or something like that. $66,000, I don’t know. I don’t know where people get this information from. If I do, holla at my accountant. It’s nothing, man. That’s what my rugs cost, and my trips cost, and my wrist costs. It’s rumors. I realize that the more hustle you do, the more rumors come out. I appreciate the promotion, but I’m definitely alright and we’re OK”.

His album, Kiss The Ring, dropped two days ago.

Watch his full interview with Hot 97 below.


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