DJ Khaled Faces Eviction Over Unpaid Rent

DJ Khaled DJ Khaled is facing eviction over failing to pay $55,000 in back rent.

DJ Khaled is facing eviction for his Miami, Florida apartment over missing a pricey rent payment.

According to TMZ, the Southern kingpin balked on paying $55,000 in back rent, prompting his landlord to seek  eviction. Khaled rented an apartment from Misci LLC last September and promised to make two payments of     $66,000 for rent. He made his first payment, but stalled on the second payment. After making a new arrangement, Khaled agreed to pay $11,000 upfront and $55,000 the following month, but never did.

Two weeks after the agreement was made, Misci claims to have given Khaled three days to leave the apartment but he refused. Misci filed the suit to recoup the money and get reimbursed for legal fees, as well as have Khaled removed from the property. Khaled is yet to respond to the suit.


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