Eve – Talks About “Lip Lock” Album

Eve TalksAfter a series of delays and label change, Eve is finally ready to release her fourth studio album.

News continues to come from San Bernardino. The Rock the Bells tour stopped there this past weekend, and numerous members of Hip Hop’s elite showed up to pay their dues. Among them was Eve who came to support her Ruff Ryder comrade DMX.

Before going on stage with the Dog she announced that despite a long bout with labels her new album, Lip Lock, will be arriving in stores sometime next year. She confirmed that she is indeed working with RED Distribution to get the album out as soon as soon as it’s ready.

Regarding the release she is quoted as saying, “Yes so I left EMI, it was gonna be through EMI, now my deal’s through Sony Red. Still independent and the album will be out next year… It’s still called Lip Lock and ya’ll will hear a single before the end of the year”.

When asked about performing with her former leader she stated, “That’s my dog and we haven’t been on stage since like 2001, 2002 maybe. That’s gonna be exciting. I think we’re both gonna be like, ‘Aww you so dope.’ So it’ll be fun”.

Rumor has it that it was, and hope is in store that Lip Lock will be equally as exciting.

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