Flo Rida Fined $400K For Cancelling Performance

Flo Rida FinedFlo Rida ordered to pay $400,000 to promoters in Australia after backing out of performance at last minute.

After initially being ordered to pay $80,000 to promoters after cancelling a last minute show, a judge has now ordered Flo Rida to pay in excess of $400,000.  Back in October, Flo Rida was in Australia as part of the Fat As Butter Festival, (from AHH), but at the last minute the performer backed out and did not perform.

The organizers of the festival, Mothership Music, said the rapper’s attitude and professionalism was a problem.  Flo Rida had complaints about transportation and lodging which lead to a public argument, and ultimately to the rapper backing out of his performance.

While the promoters lost $50,000 in cancellation fees, the lawsuit filed claims the festival lost around $400,000 in extra tickets and concession sales.   In April a judge awarded them $80,000, but now the amount has increased to the requested $400,000.   From the Daily Herald, Judge Judith Gibson said, “The no-show by Flo Rida damaged the trading regulation of the plaintiff, impacting its ability to stage future events, attract patrons and compete with rivals in the music event industry.”

Flo Rida was absent from the court hearing, and as a result has not commented on the ruling.

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