Lauryn Hill – More Tax Troubles

Lauryn Hill More Tax TroublesOnce again Lauryn Hill faces tax troubles, this time the State of New Jersey is after the Fugees singer.

After pleading guilty on  “intentionally and willingly” not paying her Federal taxes, Lauryn Hill is in the news again, this time for back taxes owed to the State of New Jersey.

In June, Hill pled guilty to tax evasion charges stemming from 2005, 2006, and 2007 when she earned roughly $1.8 million over that span.  Her sentencing is in November and the singer faces up to three years in prison and a $75,000 fine.

Now, TMZ reports that the State of New Jersey is after Lauryn with a civil judgment being entered on June 14th stating she owes $446, 386 in state taxes.  Unlike her Federal tax case, her tax issues with New Jersey have not become a criminal matter.

Lauryn Hill is yet to issue a statement regarding the state tax issues.

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