Lil Wayne – Sued By Producers For Unpaid Royalties

Lil Wayne Sued By ProducersTwo producers have filed lawsuits against Lil Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment for unpaid royalties for tracks produced on such hit albums as “Carter III”, “Carter IV”, and “Re-Birth”.

You don’t get rich by paying other people money.  Two producers have slapped separate lawsuits on Young Money Entertainment for failing to pay royalties for producing tracks on some rather successful albums released under their label.

TMZ reports that Anrews “Drew” Correa and Marco “Infamous” Rodriguez filed the suits against Lil Wayne‘s YME.  These are not the first such lawsuits that Young Money has seen.  Correa’s suit claims that he signed a deal with YME in 2008 to produce music for artists on their roster, and the tracks he produced ended up on huge albums such as Carter III, Re-Birth, I’m Not a Human Being and Priceless.  The producer claims that initially he was seeing royalty checks, but they suddenly stopped coming.

“Infamous” Rodriguez’ lawsuit is similar, as he claims to have been signed in 2007, and music he produced was also heard on Carter III, Re-Birth, Priceless, as well as We Are Young Money and Carter IV.  His suit says that the royalties have long since stopped, and that YMC has refused to issue him any more funds.

Although separate, each producer’s lawsuit was filed with the law firm Singh, Singh and Trauben.  Keep an eye out, as this is a tumultuous time for big names in hip hop.  Album sales have dipped significantly across the board, and now we are seeing a record number of lawsuits and injunctions, as contracts that were feasible five or six years ago, are not as economically sound these days.

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