Max B – 72 Year Sentence Upheld

Max B - Sentenced UpheldMax B’s appeal was denied and will not face parole for at least 20 years.

Max B’s appeal has been denied and he is now facing a lengthy prison sentence.  Stemming from his role in a 2006 robbery, which turned deadly, an appeals court has ruled to let the staggering 75-year sentence to stand.

The appeal claimed that the trial was unfair as the Bergen County Superior Court judge tried Max B (Carly Wingate) together with his accomplice, Kelvin Leerdam – originally Max’s lawyers had pushed to have them tried separately.

In 2009, Max B was convicted for dispatching his stepbrother, Leerdam, along with his girlfriend, Gina Conway to a Holiday Inn to rob two men.  Things turned sour quickly, and Leerdam ended up killing the two victims.

With the appeal denied, Max B will be held in Trenton State Prison until November 09, 2042.

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