– Puts An End To Nas “Ghostwriting” Rumors

Stic.manIn a recent interview with makes it known that, “[Nas] wrote his verses.” All while opening the public’s eyes to his creative process.

Early this week “Nas Gate” ensued after one of hip hop’s leading journalists made a cutting remark on Twitter. Dream Hampton, on Monday afternoon, was asked whether or not Jay-Z would be willing to put his image aside and make a controversial album like Untitled by Nas. Hampton, having worked with Jay-Z on “Decoded,” seemed like a reasonable point of inquiry. That said, her response to the confrontational remark left the hip hop community utterly shocked.

Was it true that one of rap’s greatest writers had lied about his craft? Accused assailant Jay Electronica quickly took to Twitter to debunk the rumor. Thereafter,, who was also implicated by Hampton, expanded on why the charge was inappropriately placed. During an interview with Hampton’s friends over at, elaborated on the situation. Specifically the creation of Untitled:

“I don’t know, at the end of the day, I just feel like the people who are saying different things about the process of how that record was created I’m wondering, where were you at? To be totally honest, me and M1 went to Cali at the request of Nas. And we would be in the studio together working on stuff with nobody else there except Nas, who would come in and leave. I think people are making assumptions because of the content of the record. It’s gone from the collaboration that we did with Nas, which involved producing, idea exchanging and writing hooks, which is one thing, to us being ghostwriters”.

The Dead Prez emcee and activist also clarified his position on ghostwriting in general, “To me, ghostwriting, as far as I know, is hiring somebody to write words for you to actually say. That didn’t happen.” Thereafter he went on to explain the specifics regarding “Sly Fox,” the song which many have suggested as proof that Hampton’s statement may be true. again assured the public that “[Nas] wrote his verses,” and that he and M1 were there for production purposes only.

Overall the interview, and the scandal as a whole, worked to provide fans with incredible insight into the creative process. Rest assured Nas is still one of the best to wield a pen.

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