Swizz Beatz – Calls Bangladesh A Clown

Swizz Beats RespondsSwizz Beatz refers to Bangladesh as a clown when asked about staying relevant.

Following the interview where producer Bangladesh bashed Swizz Beatz for not being relevant, Swizz has taken a few shots back at Bangladesh.

While talking to ThisIs50.Com, Swizz called Bangladesh a clown. “Don’t let this clown pump ya’ll up with this relevant,” Swizz said when asked about staying relevant.

He continued,  “We at this video shoot right now right? But anyway, man,  it’s all positive energy from me, I can’t get into that zone, you know what I’m saying . Im just happy to be here. Been doing this since ’98, with 300-something-million records sold”.

We’ll have to see if this beef goes any further. Bangladesh doesn’t seem to want it to, as he back-peddled on Twitter the other day, saying he doesn’t actually feel that way about Swizz and the original interview was misconstrued.

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