A$AP Rocky – LongLiveA$AP May Be Delayed

A$AP RockyOn the weekend, A$AP Rocky said his solo album “LongLiveA$AP” would indeed be ready for Halloween, but now the young rapper says it may be pushed back.

Recently, A$AP Rocky discussed the final product of A$AP Mob mixtape Lord$ Never Worry and voiced his displeasure saying he would have liked to have more time to produce it…much more time.  Rocky realized fans were anxiously awaiting something viable from the group so he stopped tinkering with the mixtape and released it. He then said that his much anticipated solo album will be dropping Halloween.

Now, just days later, in a recent interview with MTV, via HHDX, the Harlem rapper is singing a different tune, and it appears he is ready to work on the album more and might push it back, but says not too far, “I’m really shooting to have my album come out on Halloween, with the grace of God, but if not, around that time. It’s gonna be later this fall…hopefully [it will be Halloween], if I can reach the deadline.”

Just as with Lord$ Never Worry, Rocky is involved in much more than just solely rapping on the album, and he considers himself somewhat of a perfectionist.  He realizes that while fans and listeners are eagerly pushing for the release, it might just be better to have people wait a bit longer.  “A year ago if I would’ve told people I’m gonna make you wait a year to drop my [album], they probably would’ve been pissed, now that the time has come I think everybody’s gonna be happy with it…I really feel good about this, I really feel deeply good about this,” the A$AP leader added to his point, “it’s a different aspect of me. It’s just showing my capabilities and how much of an artist I really am — not just a rapper.”

Fans may or may not be hearing LongLiveA$AP on Halloween, but they can rest easy that the album should be available shortly after.

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