Bangladesh – Confirming Comments About Swizz Beatz

Bangladesh Confirms Disses Swizz BeatzBangladesh has finally confirmed that he did call Swizz Beatz irrelevant, however he explains what happened in the interview.

The other month Bangladesh‘s name was in the news for calling his fellow producer, Swizz Beatz, irrelevant.

When the words of the “A Milli” producer launched into the internet stratosphere, Bangladesh was quick to say he never actually said that, and he blamed it on the journalist. He also took to Twitter to apologize to Swizz, who in turn said a thing or two about Bangladesh, however, for the most part avoided conflict. The journalist was having none of it, and released a recording of Bangladesh, but we never got word back from Bangladesh.

Finally, the producer has admitted to ThisIs50 that he did say it, however it was out of context and he wasn’t able to elaborate. “I said it, but the interview wasn’t about that. When I said that, it wasn’t about that because I didn’t elaborate what I meant,” he said. “So [the journalist] just took it and ran with it and made it bigger than what it actually was. It wasn’t even about Swizz. I wasn’t attacking another black man”.

He says his relationship with Swizz hasn’t been harmed, and he knows that Swizz say his apology via Twitter so it’s all good. “Swizz, we go way back, man. We did business already, so I already talked to the man through Twitter. I know he seen it. He ain’t respond, but it’s all good. It ain’t nothing, man”.

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