Crooked I – F*ck The Radio

Crooked I - F+ck The Radio2Crooked I explains that Hip Hop culture needs the radio, but that he doesn’t get any airplay.

Crooked I has some vicious words for radio. During an interview with‘s Jack Thriller, the Slaughterhouse member said that Hip Hop culture needs the medium, but that he doesn’t get any airplay and has some harsh feelings about it.

Crook said that Thriller should have his own radio show, but that radio is too afraid of having “real” personalities on the air. “They scared that you gon’ say some real shit that’s gonna be funny as a motherfucker. Same thing with the Rap shit. Nigga, we don’t get a whole bunch of radio play. I don’t get a whole bunch of radio play. Nigga, honestly, fuck the radio. We need it, but we don’t get it. So fuck ‘em,” he said.

He continued by explaining how radio is valuable to Hip Hop, but that artists such as himself don’t get any love from it. “I think you need the radio. But I’m a lucky ass niga. I’m finna do House of Blues, boom. I got a song out, radio don’t play it. But at the same time, I don’t care about none of that shit. I don’t give a fuck. I don’t think they’ve seen a nigga like me since N.W.A., to be honest with you, because I be thinkin’ like, who, who, who, who? What nigga can go without radio, can go without any of this shit and be right here shooting videos with Interscope and Jimmy Iovine and Paul Rosenberg over there? What nigga can do that? I got a new campaign: regular nigga”.



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