Dame Dash – Suing Legal Team For Mishandling Curren$y Contract

Dam Dash Sues Legal TeamDamon Dash is suing the lawyer he holds responsible for mishandling his contract with Curren$y for $5 million.

Damon Dash and Curren$y had agreed in principles to a deal that would have Spitta dropping three albums for Dash.  Eventually, the relationship disintegrated, and Curren$y took his talents elsewhere, and Dame still released some of his records.  This resulted in Curren$y suing him for $1.5 million, but then later rescinded the lawsuit. 

Now Damon Dash is suing the lawyer he blames for mishandling Curren$y’s contract, which ultimately led to losing the artist altogether.  The lawsuit is being filed by Damon Dash’s company DD172 and BluRoc Records,  against Dash’s former attorney, Janis Shen.  

The suit claims, via AHH, Shen failed to complete the necessary paperwork to finalize an oral agreement between Dash and Curren$y which resulted in the rapper taking his albums over to Warner Music Group.   This not only effected his relationship with the Stoned Immaculate rapper but cost Dash a distribution deal with Island/Def Jam, and as a result he lost out on having MMG’s Stalley. 

Janis Shen is being sued by Dash and his company for $5 million in damages as well as lawyer and court fees.

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