Diddy – Settles Victim’s Claims By Paying Out $850k

Diddy Pays Out $850kDiddy closes out one lawsuit by settling the claims of three injured plaintiffs, stemming from the 1999 club shooting he was involved in.

Diddy finally settled claims by victims from the 1999 club shooting he was involved in, by paying out each victim $850,000 for his part in the suit.

The 1999 incident occured while Diddy was at the club with Jennifer Lopez and Shyne, when a fight broke out between Shyne and club go-ers, leading Shyne to open fire in the club. Three innocent bystanders were shot as a result, and sued Diddy, Shyne as well as the club.

Following the shooting, Shyne was convicted of shooting two of the victims, while Diddy was acquitted of his gun charges.

Now the NY Post reports court documents filed yesterday reveal the three victim’s claims have been settled with $850k from the Bad Boy head honcho, more than ten years later.

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