Freeway – Talks About Beanie Sigel’s Arrest

Freeway On Beanie Sigel's ArrestOnce members of the same hip-hop group, Freeway comments on his affiliate Beanie Sigel’s recent arrest.

Freeway, a close affiliate of Beanie Sigel, and one of the founding members of State Property hip-hop group, commented on the latter’s recent arrest and impending incarceration.

Freeway spoke to AHH about Beanie Sigel’s shocking arrest only two weeks before beginning to serve prison sentence for tax evasion, this time on a charge of drug and gun possession.

Freeway was disappointed like many, but wishes Sigel the best.

“It’s definitely unfortunate,” Freeway said. “I was just on the phone with his wife. It’s looking crazy, but Inshallah, he will get through it. It’s hard on me, it’s hard on his family, but he’s got good people out here who support him”.

Sigel’s album, This Time, is out now.

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