Future – Talks About “Super Future” Release Date

Future - Release DateFuture shares the release date for his upcoming double-disc mixtape, as well as the idea behind his “Future Hendrix” album.

While speaking to Montreality, ATL native and lover of all things auto-tuned, Future, spoke on his upcoming projects, revealing a release date for Super Future.

Super Future will be a double disc mixtape, consisting of Super Future & Fire Marshall Future. You can expect it to drop on October 23rd. “Super Future droppin’ October 23rd, it’s a double disc, with Fire Marshall Future.” Future continued, “I’m about to get the streets, everything, everything and then some.”

He also spoke on his sophomore album, Future Hendrix. “Future Hendrix just come from being different. Jimi Hendrix, he stood out, and I always just liked the way he stood out.” Future said. “The lifestyle that come with this music industry is another level. So it’s just striving to be different. I wanna do it in February, it just depends on how I drop these singles, and what this Super Future do, and Fire Marshall Future double disc do.”

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