Jay-Z & Beyonce – Part Of Obama’s Lavish Fundraiser

Jay-Z & Beyonce President Obama will be in New York today as he has his fundraiser hosted by Jay-Z & Beyonce taking place at the 40/40 club tonight.

Obama’s fundraiser, with super star hosts Beyonce & Jay-Z takes place tonight in New York, and many are curious as to what exactly this lavish fundraiser entails. Although the details aren’t easy to come by, and the White House is looking to keep it that way, some reports on the event have surfaced.

The NY Post reports that Obama’s ninth NY fundraiser is to take place at Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club. Attendees will see a custom-designed tower of $800-per-bottle Ace of Spades champagne, with a total of 350 bottles. The tower, designed by Jeffrey Beers, is a testament to Jay-Z‘s love of the particular brand of bubbly, often referenced in rap lyrics.

However, word is we won’t be getting any flicks of the President at this party, as the White House looks to maintain a certain image of the President. The entire event is being kept under wraps as much as possible, with the White House also guarding the guest list to the utmost. The only other details we have about the fundraiser is that the President will be speaking to around 100 people, each person at $40,000 a head.

Before he lives the good life at this party, Obama will be hitting up David Letterman’s show for an appearance.

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