Jay-Z – Discusses Occupy Wall Street

Jay-Z Occupy Wall StreetJay-Z opines on Occupy Wall Street by saying the message is confusing.

Though Jay-Z was photographed with Russell Simmons some months back wearing an “Occupy All Streets” t-shirt, Hov has revealed that he’s never backed the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Jay cited a lack of a central vision as the reason for his hesitation. “What’s the thing on the wall, what are you fighting for?” asked Hov in an interview with The New York Times.

“I’m not going to a park and picnic — I have no idea what to do,” said Jay, recanting what he said in a conversation with Simmons.

“I don’t know what the fight is about. What do we want? Do you know?” questioned Jay rhetorically of the movement.

The Brooklyn emcee continued, asking for specificity from the movement. “I think all those things need to really declare themselves a bit more clearly because when you just say that ‘the 1 percent is that,’ that’s not true,” said Jay. “Yeah, the 1 percent that’s robbing people, and deceiving people, these fixed mortgages and all these things, and then taking their home away from them, that’s criminal, that’s bad.”

“Not being an entrepreneur. This is free enterprise. This is what America is built on.”

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