Lil Wayne – Surpasses Elvis Presley For Most Hot 100 Billboard Entries

Lil WayneLil Wayne breaks a Billboard record.

Although we won’t be getting new solo material from Lil Wayne til December, he’s still managing to break records on the Billboard charts.

With Game‘s single “Celebration” debuting on the Billboard charts this week at #82, and Weezy F being a feature on the tune, that makes the rap star’s total Hot 100 entries up to 109, surpassing rock’n’roll icon, Elvis Presley.

Billboard reports (via MTV) Presley had 108 entries between 1958 and 2003, but now Weezy holds the top place, due most in part to his numerous features on other’s people in songs. In fact, of the 109 songs, 39 percent (42) are solo hits from the rapper, with the other 61 percent (67) making up songs he’s been featured on.

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