Lupe Fiasco – Apologizes To Chief Keef

Lupe Fiasco - ApologizesWith ending the conflict, Lupe Fiasco took time on stage to apologize for words he directed towards Chief Keef.

Much has been made about the feud between veteran Chi-town rapper, Lupe Fiasco, and the young Chicago upstart, Chief Keef.   With the recent surge of violent crimes throughout the city, Lupe had offered some misdirected words saying he was “scared” of what Chief Keef represented.   While he may not have been trying to directly insult him, Chief Keef took the statement personally.

This led to a series of tweets with Keef ultimately saying “wen I see him I’ma slap him”.  Lupe then took this to heart, and felt he couldn’t reach the youth of today and even considered retiring after Food & Liquor 2.

Now it seems the two are ready to make amends, first with Keef saying that the tweet was not from him in the first place, and now during a recent performance Lupe went on record an apologized for his words to Chief Keef.

Lupe took ownership for what he said, and realizes he was wrong, via HHDX, “I’m far from where I wanna be, I’m far from being a stand-up human being, I’m far from being a knowledgeable and wise young man as well.   I’m somewhere in the middle.” The Food & Liquor rapper then personally shouted out Keef, “I ain’t no saint, but with that said, I love my brother. I want to see him succeed and do his thing, and that goes for everybody anywhere everywhere in the world,” finally adding, “Shout out to the big homie Chief Keef!”

It’s good to see some positivity coming out of the Windy City, which is going through a tumultuous time these days.

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