Nas – Co-Founds New Lifestyle Site 12Society

Nas - Co-FounderNas, who is still riding the wave from his extremely successful “Life is Good” album, is now delving into the lifestyle blog arena.

Rappers everywhere are diversifying their brand by creating different alley ways  from which they are accessible, whether it be through a headphone line, a fashion line, endorsing a product or creating their own website. Nas decided to go with the latter for his latest venture, now joining the likes of Lil Wayne and Jay-Z, who both have lifestyle blogs.

Nas is taking a different approach then his counterparts though. He helped co-found a new website, 12Society, which is a lifestyle blog, but more interactive than most with its visiting patrons. 12Society ships out 4-6 hand-picked products each month, with a value of at least $125, but for the price of $39.99, which includes shipping.12Society lists other celebrities on its “Style Board” including Blake Griffin, Tim Lincecum, Michael Strahan, Kevin Love, Nick Cannon and of course Nasir Jones.

Nas wrote about the new site for Tech Crunch (via), which he explains as an approach and evolution to counter the loss of a star’s power with piracy becoming somewhat of an epidemic. He talks about the fact that a fan’s love of the artist didn’t go away, “we just had to evolve to survive in the new digital world,” he said.

“A huge aspect of that evolution is offering a glimpse into your lifestyle — being more accessible. The power that Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram offer is immense. Being an artist today is not only about being creative in what you produce, but finding creative ways to show people what you’re doing. Artists everywhere took notice when Louis C.K. sold his stand-up special and show tickets without a network backing him on the promotion and distribution. That truly was innovation at its best,” Nas said of comedian Louis C.K.’s approach to marketing.

Nas wrapped up his article, “I started 12Society in June with the hopes of bringing this generation the new wave of commerce. Providing my fans with access to products, brands, and technology that they haven’t seen before. Increased accessibility and visibility has always been the future, and finally, that time is now.”

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