Nate Dogg – Family Battles Over His Estate

Nate Dogg Family BattlesNate Dogg’s widow and mother are in a legal battle with his children over his estate.

The family of deceased rapper/singer Nate Dogg have taken to court to battle over his estate.  When Nate Dogg passed away last year he did not have a will in place, and this has caused tension within his family over how his funds should be allocated.

Nate Dogg’s widow, Latoya Calvin, has been entrenched in a dispute with his children.  Now Calvin has ceased control of the funds, and has filed papers to bring Nate’s mother, Ruth Holmes, on as co-administrator of his estate.

His children are not happy with this, as Nate’s daughter, Aundrane Hale spoke to TMZ and explain why they are so bothered by having their grandmother on as an administrator “Ruth doesn’t have my best interest or the interest of my brothers and sisters.” She even added that Ruth Holmes did not even attend the artist’s funeral.

Hale believes that Holmes “was never a grandmother”, and that in the past she has willfully kept money from Nate Dogg’s children, and will continue to keep money out of the children’s hands.

As of now, a judge has not ruled on the case, but let’s hope that this matter is resolved soon.

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