Raekwon – Sued As A Result Of Uncleared Sample In “The New Wu”

Raekwon Raekwon is the latest emcee to be sued over an uncleared sample.

Clearing the right to use a sample is necessary and this time Raekwon has been notified. According to a recent report from AllHipHop, Raekwon has been served with a lawsuit over a sample featured in his song “The New Wu.”

Bridgeport Music/Westbound Records recently filed suit against the Wu-Tang emcee over an uncleared sample used in his song “The New Wu” off 2009’s Only Built 4 Cuban Linx…Pt. 2. The song, which features Ghostface Killah and Method Manand was produced by RZA, features a sample of the Magictones’ 1971 song “I’ve Changed.”

The suit claims that RZA illegally used a sped-up four measure portion of the original track. All four rappers are named in the lawsuit, and are being sued for copyright infringement, unfair competition and lawyer fees.

“These four measures have been sped up approximately 8.9%, making them last approximately 10 seconds and raising their key by one step from E minor to F# minor,” the suit reads.

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