Rohan Marley – Wyclef Jean’s Accusations About Lauryn Hill Are “Bullsh*t”

Rohan MarleyRohan Marley, the father of Lauryn Hill’s son Zion, says that Wcylef Jean’s claim about Lauryn Hill leading him on during her pregnancy are “bullsh*t.”

He does not believe a word of Wyclef Jean‘s recent accusations about his fellow Fugees member, Lauryn Hill.

In Wyclef Jean’s new book, “Purpose: An Immigrant’s Story,”  he opens up about his affair with Lauryn Hill and claims that she led him to believe the baby she was pregnant with was his. However, Rohan is calling “bullshit” on Wyclef’s version of the story.

According to Rohan, Wyclef’s story about Lauryn Hill was not true, and was a “money-making ploy.” Rohan says he “knew from jump that was my son from the day [Lauryn] was pregnant.” Rohan, who dated Ms. Hill from 1996-2004 says he knew of Lauryn’s past romantic relationship with Wyclef Jean before he was in the picture.

Of Wcylef’s claims that the two had an affair, Rohan says it was impossible since he was pretty much present in the studio with the group all the time. Rohan accuses Wyclef of “just saying false things to get [the] book headlines” and he doesn’t plan on talking to Wyclef about it because “he knows he is fronting himself.”

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