Wiz Khalifa – On The Cover Of Complex

Wiz Khalifa - Complex CoverThe Taylor Gang boss lands the upcoming cover of Complex.

Wiz Khalifa nabs the cover for Complex’s October/November issue.

Peep the cover below as well as other photos from the shoot, and head to Complex for the full cover story. Wiz talks about why his album is delayed (not surprisingly he blames it on label and artist differences), his label mate Mac Miller, his commercially successful album Rolling Papers, the changing rap game and more.

Check out an excerpt where Wiz explains his album delay below.

“Atlantic likes ‘O.N.I.F.C.,'” says Wiz. “But they want more obvious singles because that’s what sells it for them. My belief in the record is what sells it to me. It’s not a conflict. You just have to communicate so everybody understands it.”

Wiz is looking for that delicate balance. “When you’re working with other people, you figure out how much you do for them and how much you do for yourself,” he says. “You can’t just be an artist fighting for your opinion and that’s it. The label has to understand artists. I wanted to make ‘Rolling Papers’ when I made ‘Rolling Papers,’ now it’s time for ‘O.N.I.F.C.’ Now we’re going to do it exactly how I want to do it to see how that works. It can’t be one-sided.”

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