2 Chainz – On His Work Ethic & Legalizing Marijuana

2 Chainz2 Chainz appears to be everywhere this year. He discusses his strong work ethic, how blessed this year has been for him, and chimes in on the legalization of marijuana.

2 Chainz seems to very popular recently, but has been in the game for awhile.  This year he seemed to appear as a feature on nearly every big album, and countless singles.  He attributes his success to his relentless work ethic, and even says he doesn’t do much besides work and smoke weed.  In a recent interview with DaxTV.com, Tity Boi shared his opinion on the legalization of Mary, and just how special this year has been as a whole for the rapper.

Speaking about his tireless effort, the ATL rapper described what a usual day looks like for him, and it includes music and smoking, “Work, work, work, I work for what seems like some slave masters or something…music is my job I enjoy what I do.”  2 Chainz says his day is typically like this, “when I wake up in the morning, I smoke one, I eat some breakfast and it’s time to do something musical.”

When asked if he feels marijuana should be legalized, he opened up about his use and feels it’s “therapeutic” saying, “Ya, of course I do.  I don’t do anything else, I don’t drink, I don’t do any other drugs.  To me, weed is just a therapeutic drug.”

Not just for his career, but this has been an eventful year in his personal life as well with the birth of his daughter, and the unfortunate passing of his father.  Overall, he described the past 12 months as the highlight of his career.  “The best moment of my career was this whole year, No.1 record, No. 1 song…it was not one thing, it was a combination of things.  ‘The Mercy’ track helped me out, ‘Bees In Da Trap’.” 

2 Chainz recently added more dates to the second leg of his tour which shares the name of his hit album Based On a T.R.U. Story.

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